an infinite mind

Jem Powell

Jem Powell comes from a background marked by significant poverty and complex traumas mixed with profound strengths and hidden resiliencies. In her search for meaning, she found the path to psychology and advocacy through education. In 2012 Jem began working with An Infinite Mind as a volunteer and found solace in an environment of fellow survivors. The unique experience of being both helper and harmed is what empowers Jem to work on behalf of the community of individuals living with dissociation.

In 2018, Jem graduated with her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University, where she develops programs for students and colleagues to increase sensitivity in issues of culture and D.I.D. Through the mentorship of educators, Jem found her calling in teaching and currently teaches masters Level counseling students multicultural competencies and practical skills of therapy. She is known to students as an outspoken advocate, lifelong mentor, and candid presence in all programs she teaches and supervises. Jem also offers culturally centric life coaching to clients with an emphasis on intersectional identity, anti-oppressive living, and creative career expansion.

In her free time, you can find her dressed in vintage attire, attending Lindy Hop social dances, and throwing gravity-defying stunts on a dance team she founded.