an infinite mind

The brain is merely an organ, but the mind is infinite.


Far too often, people with dissociative identities are portrayed as crazy, or unstable. They have faced accusations of making up this disorder.

The stigma associated with DID has led to countless men and women living with dissociative identities to hide their true, whole self in fear of the repercussions if they are found out.

An Infinite Mind was formed out of need for accurate information on all Dissociative Disorders, but especially DID.

We believe strongly in promoting and showing the positive truth to dissociative identities.

    We offer education and outreach programs to dispel myths and stigmas.

    We provide low to no cost supportive therapies to survivors and their families.

    We also provide training to improve the quality of care survivors receive from their therapist as well as train new therapists to enter the trauma field.

It is our hope that in the very near future, people will no longer have to hide. They can be free and embrace the amazing gift that is dissociative identities.

Healing Together

February 4-6th, 2022

Speaker Series

November 14th, 2022